Globally adorable Whitening Brands- Elure/Floxia

Floxia Spot And Complexion Micro Emulsion

contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, chamomile extract and beewax to ensure moisturizing propoerties to dry and irritated skin to be effective. They also consist of Actiwhite(TM) to reduce the activity of tyrosinase, so as to decrease the production of melanosomes and thus lessen the density of melanin, brightening our skin as a result.


is invented by one of the biggest IPL manufacturer in America, Syneron Candela proudly introduces you to a high technology ingredient called melanozyme, so as to whitening the colour of melanin, manipulating an alternative way to make our pigmented patches paler. 

We recommend such a combination to augment Elure's moisturizing properties and providing a more holistic whitening mechanism to resolve your nuisance caused by hyperpigmentation.