Byonik HA Laser

The Youthful Reborn

Everyone wishes to look younger and to be applauded as a youthful beauty. Yet, we can hardly counter aging with our intensive work, depriving us of our rest. Wrinkles and dryness seem to escalate forever more.

Have you the fantasy of becoming Nichole Kidman, Taylor Swift or Paul Rudd? Unbelievably stunning and charming, aren't they?

BYONIK was awarded its patent in both Europe and Germany with its unique PTL pulsed dual laser. Its 658nm laser is anti-inflammatory and 808nm laser stimulates healing process. BYONIK is capable of opening up cellular channels for hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate deeply into the skin, and thus activating cellular regeneration processes directly.

Equipped with intelligent analyser, BYONIK will measure the pulse of every client and ensure that nourishing serum will be absorbed into the skin as signal by the pulsatile blood circulation, resulting in more elastic skin and hydrated texture, eliminating dry rhytides to slow down any aging processes.

This treatment will enhance fullness of the face, bringing about a new gloom that allows youth to last for long.