The Most Basic Step in Anti-aging Lifestyle

Skin care is the very first step to preserve youthfulness. You can see it, feel it and touch it. Whether you have done it right or wrong, it is the very first thing you can sense. Its presence and the way to keep it strong is the easiest of all healthy lifestyles.

Our skin is a very fine layer of “jelly”. It is full of elasticity. Owing to the fact that it is rich in water, hydrants and collagens, and that it has interdigitating layers, it can be extremely elastic. Both death and growth signals are very important for our skin layer to sustain its fine texture. The glycated proteins and lipids inside utilise much energy to repair and to stimulate growth through cell communication. Each cell can manufacture up to hundreds to thousands of chemicals that have been identified. However, that does not imply every one of us has already optimised the synthesis processes. We cannot even fathom everything that our skin is doing. However, it is easy to grasp the idea that nourishment affects skin production intensely.

The process of hydration imbibing our skin layers and the barrier function given by sebum seem to be equivalently essential for skin health. Being dense and fluffy, pliant but resilient, are the foundation of skin repair, the essence of forming bright and beautiful skin. This is known as oil balance. Skin has difficulty obtaining all the nutrients that our GI system absorbs. Thus, external nourishments can be a shortcut that helps our skin’s demands to be satisfied promptly. Extra amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other molecules can be absorbed quickly through our pores into our dermis.

Every organ possesses their own functions, therefore, the reasons for wearing out can be quite different. In addition, their demands can vary, too. As for our skin, it works as a barrier, thus, the damages come from the adverse surroundings. In order to replace dead cells in the corny layers, it wastes a lot of energy and materials. Our skin lavishes. It cannot help but produce lots of materials that hurts its energy level. As a consequence, capillaries and lymphatics get burn out as well. However, when giving enough support, its healing power is extraordinary. You will be amazed by its natural gift of reversing age once you start taking care of it with your full attention! Be grateful to Mother Nature.