When was the last time you were dying to quench your skin redness and itch? Do you know that the longer it takes for you to seek for treatment, the more difficult it will be to heal?

We know that not everyone likes to be touched. In order to minimise contact during treatment, our LUMI2500 should be one of the most reliable options you can take to relieve your pain. Our device applies 4500 LED lightsource (in fact, it is imitating the astronaut's daily equipment) to help cellular regeneration and blood vessels structural restoration.

LUMI 2500 is a contact-free and non-invasive technology that will help solve the problems below-

Lilac light:  cleansing skin architecture to eliminate milia and acnes     

Jade light:  augmenting depigmentation processes

Amber light:   stimulating lymphatic drainage, improving regeneration processes and reducing generalised inflammation (i.e., curing red, oedemic and painful skin)                  

Scarlet light:  amplifying collagen formation, with firming effects to relinquish textural support to better facial contour                         

With special request, we apply current-serum infusion for face lifting and firming effects.

LUMI2500 is dear to all who embraces human physiology and natural healing mechanisms. Best used for any areas that needs to be stimulated. We guarantee no down-time and wounds. Enjoy the treatment with our cosy environment with soft consoling music!

Treatment is all about transformation, isn't it?