The Dawn of Crystal and Skin Care

Ever-Beauty Skin Care emphasizes on the use of natural power embedded in nature and within our bodies. We are directed by daily wisdom in steering our formulations, so that every visiting kindred spirits will sense the recuperation power given by Nature to recreate true beauty. That’s right, we attempt to return to our origins together.

“Nature” directs us our passions to Life. We all have to care for what we possess in our early days, i.e. the energy within our original self before it has been broken apart as we struggle against daily social conditioning. Owing to the lack of confidence to our actual personalities, we have all lost ourselves while fighting for more love and endorsement. However, our designs are the great blessings from heavens. Being conditioned is not the true meaning of being alife. As the founder of Ever-Beauty says, “Any tree, any flower under the blue sky looks beautiful in heaven’s eyes and in our eyes, too. Even when we are sad, they still look wonderful.” In heavens’ eyes, we are also as wonderful as any foliage. Our hearts are filled with power, no matter how fragile our bodies seem. The source of this power is sturdier than we can imagine. Nature grants “Eternity” a beauty that is shared among all existence in this universe. The power of crystal is to unleash this power, and so we can then be enlightened to see the eternal wonders of this universe we live in.

Every entity is linked. We all move forth in the unstoppable time and space. Skin care is only a window opened to let us feel the pilgrimage of self-love. It lets us create a new path to stretch out to everything that is good while suppressing the darkness within human nature. This is why crystals and skin care are finally joining together in weaving a new intertwining trend in our world. Since this trend has finally arrives, let us extract the best out of it and do ourselves good by pampering our hearts and minds together.