RevLite C8 Nd:Yag Laser

Emergency skin healing treatment

Next to the cream of the cream picolaser, our world-reputated C8 laser promises relieving support to tired and stressful symptoms that your skin suffers from. Be it UV irritation or chronic skin problems owing to environmental pollution, we offer you transformational energy that you would not expect less.

Knowingly, skin aging problems, including dry lines and pigmentation problems are well documented to be treatable by highly penetrating 1064nm laser, our Q-switched PTP mode will definitely show you what astounding results mean. 

RevLite C8 replenishes the energy and signals that aging skin lacks. It raises internal temperature of the skin to mobilise fibroblasts, as well as eliminating melanin particles that got burnt as they absorb the laser. Skin textures will smoothen up as pores shrink and pigments fade.

Seek no where if you need a brush-up treatment after an eventful voyage!