Hair regrowth

Hair growth is divided into three phases. First is the anagen phase at which hair follicles are most active. Second is the catagen phase, hair grows slower or stops growing because the nutrients support from the hair follicles is very limited. Third is the telogen phase at which hair follicles are quite dead, and hair is easily pulled off. Eczema and pores cornification will shorten the life span of hair follicles and cause premature hair losses. Other hair losses, called alopecia areata could be caused by immune attack launched against hair bulbs within follicles. At the time of onset, immune reactions will launch intensive attack with the infiltration of a huge amount of white blood cells. They recognize hair bulbs as foreign bodies and cause extensive hair losses.

Shampoo that contains tar on the one hand will soften our scalp, allowing growing hair to pass through corny layers easily; on the other hand, tar can lengthen the life span of hair bulbs, prolonging the metabolic duration of hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

Tricomin serum and pantogar pill provide nutrients needed by follicular stem cells to grow, increasing the nutrients available from the scalp and from blood vessels flowing into the hair follicles. These nutrients include amino acids and minute elements needed for stem cell to be activated for growth and differentiation.