Water and Oil Balance 1- Corny Layer

There are two ways to preserve the moisture of our skin. The first way is to adjust the amount of sebum or lipids on top of the corny layer. The alternative way is to regulate the epidermal and dermal water content.

The surface of the skin is composed of huge amount of dead skin cells. In order that the corny layer can be smoothen within a short time, many manufacturers select phytolipids or biochemicals that mimic our corny lipid layer that shields the keratin layer on the surface of our skin. However, if the acidity of our skin layers is not regulated well, our corny layer cannot become thoroughly pliant, contributing to cracks which are not resolvable by applying moisturizing creams or lotions. Bath and shower oils are designed to buffer our skin pH value within a narrow range of natural healthy skin, making them the most ideal products for soothing dry and irritated skin problems that cannot be dealt with moisturizers.

The pH value of our corny layer is mildly acidic, which is around 5.5. Bath and shower oil with pH value 5.5 – 6 will soften our corny layer. They are perfect companions for moisturizers. Many people thought such a combination is rather tedious to follow. They prefer the feeling of lightness after showering with cleansing gels but many of them suffer from flaking and hardening of skin. As shower gels and shower creams are all very effective in washing away dirt and pathogens, we therefore recommend clients to prioritize pH regulation and moisture maintenance of their skin over the deceptive sensation of cleanliness (which is in fact the feeling of dryness!).