Water and Oil balance 3 – Dermis

Our dermis is filled with a huge amount of reticular collagen fibres supported by water molecules. It is therefore very elastic. Since reticular collagen fibres are more organized in young and healthy skin, our dermis loses its firmness and elasticity as we grow old.

Our dermis is the architectural backbone of our skin layers, stretching our squamous epidermal and corny layers, effectively closing up pores when healthy. On the contrary, damaged dermal layer will cause haphazard scar formation, or will lead to hypersensitive reactions in our skin layers. Our skin is meant to become more prone to produce allergic response; redness owing to blood vessels invasion, might gradually appear. On top of structural degradation, any interruption to the lymphatic flow within the dermal layers will cause deterioration in the water-oil balance condition, milia or acnes are very highly like to appear.

As we grow older, it will become more difficult to care for our dermis layer. Our treatment must be more aggressive as time goes by. Yet, if we start applying appropriate supplement to our skin, we will be able to slow down the degeneration of our dermal layer. Collagen and water serum are particularly useful in this case.