The challenge of choosing facial cleanser

Many people who love clear and light sensation after washing their faces, are likely to choose foam wash; while others who love silky feelings, will prefer cleansing cream. Unfortunately, for those who choose sensation over the quality of their skin, those who choose foam wash may suffer from extra dry skin while the others who choose cleansing cream will fail to deal with their sebum secretion properly.  So how are we supposed to deal with this facial cleansing challenge? In the nutshell, we need a balance to keep our skin supple. A perfect balance implies altering our natural state to a new ideal equilibrium that is between dry and oily extremes. Specifically, those who have dry skin ought to use cleansing milk while those who have oily skin ought to try foam or gel wash instead. For those who have a nice medium skin, they have a wider range to choose from but delicate skin cleanser is clearly the safest option if there exists no other skin problems.

For friends who have highly sensitive skin, the most popular question is about the sequence of treating facial problems. Some of us have lots of pimples and milia, but our skin is too sensitive to apply acne creams or strong cleansing agents. For reddening and flaking skin, we do have to soothe our skin by using milder cleanser and applying skin cream more frequently to deal with our oversensitivity issue before treating our acnes like we normally would.