Coping with over-sensitivity 1 – Calming and toning

Sensitive skin is caused by lengthily exposing the dermal layer to allergens. Langerhan’s cells or other macrophages will be activated, secreting a huge amount of toxins in order that they can eliminate allergens, but the side effects include, redness, itchiness, swelling and pain. In cases where there is no open wound, in addition to medical formulated anti-puritus and steroidal drugs, doctors will often prescribe other skin care products, so as to alleviate immune responses throughout various skin layers. We ought to understand we all have regeneration power, thus, although medicines are potent, we should not overdose ourselves with steroids. Application of good quality skin care products is synergistic to the use of medication. Through calming and toning of sensitive skin with non-pharmacological agents, we can reduce the dosage or duration of the use of anti-itching pills and steroids.

There are three main functions with skin care products. Firstly, they form a good barrier against allergens. Secondly, they help optimize water-oil balance. Thirdly, they also assist in the balancing of pH value of skin. Owing to the fragility, sensitivity and instability of the facial area as compared to our trunk, application of shower or bath products for our trunk to our faces will lead to derangement of the lipid barriers on our faces, subsequent drying and cracking is highly possible. As for application of body butter to our faces, oil contents of these products will be too rich and can clog pores and hair follicles, blocking the exits of sebaceous glands, causing the formation of milia. It is, therefore, a better habit to separate the products for our faces and trunks.